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identity design

Jude’s Health & Java House is a coffee shop and natural health store in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The goal was to solidify the connections Jude’s was already making with Bartlesville locals and expand that same familiarity into surrounding areas.

Because Jude’s was an established local business that stood on consistency, familiar faces, and outstanding quality, there was huge potential to be unlocked from further developing their brand.

Jude’s logo in a stacked layout

Images of inspriation in designing the logo icon

Jude’s logo as a seal

Jude’s logo in an inline layout


With the 15th anniversary of Jude’s coming up, I suggested creating patterns for use on special edition merchandise. Each pattern was based on the logo in a unique way.

A pattern based on the Jude’s identity

A less dense pattern based on the Jude’s identity


Branded apparel was an important part of the rebrand, for both customers and employees.

A comfy hoodie featuring the Jude’s logo

A barista in the drive thru window, offering a cup of Jude’s coffee


Because Jude’s offers a variety of coffee and supplements, among many other things, there was a significant amount of packaging design involved. Aligning these packaging designs with the overall brand identity presented an acute challenge. They had to strike a perfect balance between premium and accessible.

A beautiful menu that makes use of the Jude’s colors, typography, and patterns

Two bottles of supplements with Jude’s branded packaging. Tumeric and Elderberry, respectively

Jude’s coffee packaging


Finally, to help extend the brand reach into neighboring communities, I applied the identity to the Jude’s website and an eye-catching billboard.

A new design of the Jude’s website, featuring their status as best Bartlesville coffee shop

A billboard to advertist Jude’s coffee

This rebrand was a special opportunity for Jude’s to resonate even more deeply with the health-conscious and java-loving Bartlesville locals, and stand out as a natural, premium, and accessible personality for an audience that cares about themselves and their environment.

A side-by-side comparison of the new and previous Jude’s logo marks

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