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Fish Snax


identity design

Fish Snax was founded in 1997 as a local bar in Hemp, New Jersey. Being from the Atlantic coast, they want fish to be enjoyed properly, and they wanted graphic branding that would highlight their service of authentic, ever-fresher seafood.

During the discovery process, we looked at words like “friendly, modern, consistent, and unique,” to represent Fish Snax as fast-food seafood on a higher level.

The Fish Snax logo in an stacked layout

The fish has been a meaningful symbol for millenia, long even before the “ichthys” was used by Christians in the first centuries AD. This logo was a challenge in creating a fish that was unique, bold, and functional. The body of the fish forms an “X” - a tribute to the unique spelling of the Fish Snax name.

The Fish Snax icon on a yellow background

The Fish Snax icon on a set of yellow coasters

The icon design for Fish Snax yeilded versatile, bold assets that flesh out the salty, Atlantic spirit of the restaurant. Each one complements the others uniquely, and together they support the overall brand in a confident fashion.

The set of icons developed to supplement the Fish Snax brand

A menu featuring the Fish Snax branding, colors, icons, and typography

A typeset for the fish snax brand based on the Caslon font family

By designing a trademark that was timeless, interesting, and bold, we created an opportunity for Fish Snax to connect with their customers in a meaningful, memorable way. The rebrand marked the beginning of rapid growth in revenue for the Fish Snax brand.

A meal at Fish Snax, complete with delicious smoothies

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