Updated on the Twenty-Third of May, in the year 2020

Javascript Web App lit-html

WRDS is a super-lightweight web app for fast, templated document creation. It lets you create PDF documents in seconds, save templates, export/import data, and write unlimited styles.

WRDS is built to take advantage of the responsiveness of the web, which gives it an edge over programs like Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat.

My objective with this project was to use as few libraries as possible, and make something that was easy to scale as I continue to add new features. I'm pleased with the small, fast result.

Finally, WRDS is also privacy-first, meaning your data is never shared with a server. Everything is stored locally on your machine, giving you total control and privacy.

This is an embedded project.
To get the full experience, visit this project in a new tab. Then send me your observsations, appreciations, or improvements. I'd love to start a conversation.