1kb Libs

Updated on the Twenty-Fifth of June, in the year 2020

Javascript 1kb

This is an ongoing project where I re-create popular Javascript libraries from scratch, making them smaller and simpler. So simple in fact, I've given myself a budget of ~1kb (minified and gzipped) for each library.

It started as I was looking for a markdown parser that wouldn't break the bank. The problem was, popular markdown parsers were pretty hefty (even minfied and gzipped, they still weighed 10kb-20kb). So, I wrote my own, but made it smaller and simpler. Surprisingly, it supports a ton of features!

Creating these libraries from scratch has really broadened my practical knowledge of Javascript, but it's also given me a huge appreciation for how bigger libraries handle edge-cases and extensibility.

Next on my to-do list for this project is to write some formal documentation. If there's a library out there you think would be a good fit for this kind of thing, let me know (or better yet, try the exercise yourself).

This is an embedded project.
To get the full experience, visit this project in a new tab. Then send me your observsations, appreciations, or improvements. I'd love to start a conversation.